The results below represent a 6-month time frame for a Local Towing Company In OKC.


Increase In Local Organic Traffic
(From 10+ Monthly Visitors to 200+ Monthly Visitors)


Increase In Calls
(80+ More Monthly Calls)




This client’s website was at the bottom of page two for its main keyword and a lot of keywords were none existent both in organic results and Google maps. This client also had a Godaddy Wix site that was unresponsive and very slow and not optimized to convert.

Our Work

We took a look at the website and as usual found onsite culprits that could be fixed to see some quick gains. We performed an in-depth audit and listed out all that needed to be done and began implementing once we were given the go ahead. Knowing a beautiful responsive website encourages conversions, we redesigned the whole website and fixed up their SEO, improved the website load time (speed) and built links over the months. Currently, they’re appearing at the top of Google for most of their target keywords. To achieve top results, we created an SEO campaign that targeted ranking in their local area and more importantly, targeting keywords with a strong “buyer intent”. We maintained consistent NAP (Business Name, Phone and Address) across all Local Citations and fixed up those that weren’t correct. We built up the website’s content and created proper silos to funnel power to main pages.

Project Screen Shots

OKC SEO Results
OKC Traffic Stats

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