The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is open throughout the week from 9 am– 5 pm, however, online tickets/membership bookings are needed for all visitors and should be made in advance. With an animal health team (1 of only 7 zoos in the United States), the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has the ability to give the very best care for the animals.

Visits, membership fees, and contributions by concerned people assist provide funds to care for the plants and animals here and in the wild. Along with offering care for the animals and plants at the Zoo, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is also dedicated to protecting their wild counterparts in other native habitats.

The Zoo adds a percent of every ticket and membership fee sold to support conservation initiatives. Members of the Zoo additionally delight in year of free access to the Zoo and Gardens, access to member-only occasions, money off purchases, and discounted admission to various other approved zoos and aquariums.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens lies at the entryway of the Trout River, beside where it flows right into the St. Johns River. Opened up in 1914, the zoo has expanded from its moderate beginnings to be counted amongst Jacksonville’s foremost spots boasting of about a million tourists every year.
The zoo is active and very devoted to the preservation and conservation of plants and animal species, taking part in national and worldwide preservation campaigns and Species Survival Program.

New to Jacksonville or exploring with family? If you planned to experience an amazing and wonderful experience with wildlife and nature the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is certainly the very first stop for you!

The Zoo’s Conservation Technique is concentrated on featuring species and habitat-focused projects that promote landscape-level advantages for biodiversity conservation, Regional Species Programs which are mostly collaborations with federal government companies and NGOs in the conservation, reintegration, study, and return of some endangered species belonging to the southeast United States and the Caribbean Basin and also Species-focused Conservation Programs.

The management of Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is very concerned about the safety and security and well-being of the visitors as well as the animals therefore have a number of policies that if followed securely assures the health and safety of all parties.

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