Search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing generally seem ambiguous to a lot of people especially the local business owner and SMEs, majorly because they are uncertain how to leverage SEO tools and strategies. Nevertheless, SEO is rapidly gaining relevance as the main approach to getting new customers for some local businesses like home building. More people go online to look for solutions and businesses instead of using offline means and as such it will be immensely beneficial to capitalise on digital marketing in growing your local business.

Although local business owners like home builders are usually too busy to focus on SEO and other digital marketing strategies or are simply lacking in the knowledge of how to proceed, we have come up with a guide to helping home builders leverage on SEO in positioning their businesses for growth. However, if you’re a home builder looking for managed SEO services, our SEO team is well experienced in managing personalized SEO campaigns for home building businesses, that will ensure you reach your growth goals even faster.


Home Builder SEO

What does SEO for Home Building refer to?

SEO for Home Building is quite simply the procedure by which you enhance your home building website as well as other features so that your business ranks higher up in the search engine results pages enabling you to get more customers and hence, more leads.

Why do I Need SEO for my Home Building business?

Ranking higher in Google will mean more traffic on your website, therefore, more conversions. If your business is located in Oklahoma, you would benefit immensely by ranking number one in Google for the search phrase “home builder in Oklahoma” because the people who search that phrase are likely looking for home builders in Oklahoma, and more importantly are probably interested in hiring home builders in Oklahoma.

SEO focuses on increasing your brand awareness for specific search phrases so that the people who are in your neighbourhood, city or state and are looking for Home Building services see your business instead of your competitors. SEO emphasizes on an inward marketing strategy based on the positioning of your business where potential customers seek you out rather than intruding on people through conventional advertising hence making sales and conversions much easier.

How can I define my SEO Strategy for Home Building?

An SEO strategy (sometimes called SEO approach or search engine optimization strategy) is the process of preparing, defining and executing measures aimed at improving search engine rankings. An SEO strategy is a procedure that you follow when you want to get more organic traffic for your home building website.

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Home Building Keyword Selection and Keyword Research Tools

The first step in any SEO strategy is to define targeted keywords and create a suitable list. Your website will be seen only in the Google results pages for words and phrases which are directly associated with the content on your web pages, which is why it is necessary to decide forthrightly what keywords you want to target and therefore what content is required on your web pages.

Factors such as demography, location and income level of the target audience matter a lot in defining keywords as it is with any other marketing strategy. Confining your audience within these constraints, formulating a list of potential keywords can then be done easily and more efficiently.

Some likely examples of these keywords for a Home Building business in Oklahoma would include:

  • > Best Home Builders in Oklahoma
  • > Top Home Builders in OKC
  • > Oklahoma Home Builders
  • > Roofing service in 90038
  • > Custom Home Builders in Oklahoma
  • > Home Builders in OKC

These keywords are longer phrases which would likely have lower competition. Since a lesser number of businesses are trying to rank for these same keywords it will be faster and less difficult for your business to appear in the search engine results pages. The main benefit of this is a quicker return on the SEO investment sooner yielding more conversions.

Also, the conversion rate of leads from these more specific queries would be higher than the generic terms. Majority of generic keywords, in addition to being fiercely contested for also have a lot of leads that are potentially useless due to factors like location, ultimately resulting in the wastage of resources.

However, if your business is closer to the location in which the potential customer is looking, Google has a higher tendency of giving your website and Google Business Listing prominence. This heightened visibility in the search results pages would generate larger traffic to your website, thereby increasing leads and conversions enabling the growth of your business and a return on your SEO investment. For Home Building business, the phrases would be categorized into the General Home Building Keywords and keywords on Specific Home Building services and Home types.

The General Home Building Keywords that should be targeted includes the very general type which will include the most common terms that searchers will use like Home Builders, Home Building, Home Building services, home construction, building contractors and so on. It would be advantageous to use these keywords interchangeably alongside a specific location at the beginning of the string or the end to form different keywords which people could use when searching. By ranking for these keywords, you would more certainly bring targeted audience straight to your website because they are searching for these exact types of results thereby following a massive conversion rate from traffic to customers.

However, in targeting the General Home Building Keywords, there would be a bit more competition since you are trying to rank for the highest volume local terms available. For this reason, it is a good approach to target a more specific but less frequently searched set of keywords which would be quicker and easier to rank for.

The specific type of keywords that you should target should be based on Home Building service and Home types. These would serve the queries about specific services you offer in your location such as, ‘kitchen remodelling in OKC’, ‘bathroom remodelling in Oklahoma’, ‘OKC home fittings replacements’ and other services your Home Building business provide.

Some people would, rather than a specific service search for a specific home type using phrases such as, ‘Victorian styled house in Georgia’, ‘custom homes in OKC’, ‘duplex in Oklahoma’ and so on.

These keywords are likely to have a higher conversion rate than the general since the searchers have a clearer idea of what service they require or the type of home they want. It also shows the readiness of the searchers to patronise the business.

This set of guides makes it much easier to give precedence to the types of service and home type keywords that you want to rank for to be able to efficiently and effectively apply your resources in bringing in clients that will convert.

Competitor Keyword Research Using SEMRush

Keyword Research Tools

Using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush and Longtail Pro allow you to find keywords regularly searched for in the home building business as well as other industries. It is possible to come up with some of these keywords simply by thinking about it, however, you likely run out of ideas which is exactly why these tools are so useful.

A good number of these tools have a recurring monthly or yearly subscription payment accompanying them, but if you want to use the more appropriate and beneficial keywords to target your audience these tools are essential. However, because of the subscription, many businesses choose to rely on an experienced agency like ours that know exactly what to look for and have these tools and the expertise to use them readily available.

Usually, you will discover a treasure-trove of keywords that you could not have formulated, which can potentially double your reach and bring in far more leads and profit for your business. However, obtaining these keywords is only the first step as you will also need to consider how competitive they are so you can determine if you can rank for them and project the length of time it might take. Backlink analysis tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs and Moz makes this possible as backlinks are a very important SEO aspect. Hence, you need to study your competitor’s backlinks to ascertain the viability of certain keywords.

Although the SEO strategy is not solely dependent on Keyword research, it is a very vital (if not the most) aspect. If the keywords used are unsuitable, it will translate to attracting the incorrect category of traffic that will convert to the sort of customers that don’t need your services or the sort that would not benefit your business regardless of your site optimization or backlinks that you use.

The delicate nature of this process and resources involved makes working with a reputable and experienced agency the better choice to avoid unnecessary complication and wastage.

How do I optimize my Home Building Website for Conversions?

By optimizing your Home Building Website, you can boost the fraction of visitors to your site who end up becoming paying customers, rapidly increase your income and expand your business. A conversion simply refers to making a sale, hence whenever a visitor or prospective customer completes a transaction with your business, it is regarded as a conversion.

The following further on are some steps to optimizing website conversions:

  1. Ensuring the visibility of your Location and Phone Number from the Homepage

Usually, shoddy and disreputable websites conceal their location and phone number which perhaps constitutes the belief among SEOs that it is used as a ranking factor by Google. However, it is more important to ensure that your business can be easily located or contacted by potential customers

Not including your location and phone number would make it more challenging for a likely customer to want to engage your services thereby affecting your business by reducing your conversion rate. It is best to include this information on your homepage so that customers find it more easily, not only boosting your conversion rate but also providing for good user experience.

HVAC Contact Details

  1. Ensuring your Web Design is Responsive and Up to Date

The aesthetics and functionality of a website largely contribute to if a visitor will stay on the page or look for an alternative site after being redirected to your site from Google, regardless of the content or solution your company offers. It is highly probable that an outdated web design from is making you lose customers; hence it is necessary to re-design the site to keep it up to date and ensure that prospective customers are assured of the validity of your business and solutions.

Google also uses this user data to influence the SEO rankings as they can track the bounce rate of Google Chrome users (how fast they click back from a website). Eventually, a higher bounce rate and lower time visitors spend on your page will harm your rankings. Ensuring that you have a high-quality website displaying your services can boost your rankings, and as such increase your conversion rate and bring in more revenue for you each month.

Mobile Friendly test

  1. Incorporating a catchy Call to Action (CTA) at the top of your website

For tasks that seem huge and therefore expensive such as a renovation or an installation, people are hesitant to hire Home Building Companies, which is why it is important to include a catchy Call to Action button. This could be a discount, free call, consultation, quote or even a catalogue of services to help the customer get familiar and decide on patronising your business. A free call or consultation give your business a professional feel and at the same time allows for developing a relationship with a would-be customer.


  1. Displaying Reviews on your Website

Including positive reviews from previous customers sent or posted through different platforms like Google reviews, social media platforms and so on also heightens the chance of a conversion. Seeing testimonies of other customers on your page goes a long way in influencing a visitor to patronise your business.


  1. Including your business Certifications and Awards

Adding certifications and awards from reputable bodies and organisation to your website enhances your trust rating as individuals are more likely to do business with a company that has ties to known legitimate organisations.

HVAC Certifications and Awards

  1. Displaying Photos, Videos and Other Media on your site

Showing Photos and Videos of your work helps to give the viewer a more detailed perspective. This causes the potential customer to become more comfortable, increasing the chance of patronage.

  1. Including a picture of the Owner or Managerial Team on the Homepage

Having a friendly picture of yourself or/and your team would go a long way in reassuring potential clients that there are real people in the business thereby building trust and increasing the possibility of conversion as they are more likely to patronise a business associated with an individual than an obscure brand.

  1. Optimizing your Home Building Website for Mobile Users

Nowadays, more people use mobile devices when browsing the internet instead of a computer and as such, your website must be optimized for mobile devices to be able to let the users easily view your page and get in touch with you. A large percentage of Google users are also users of mobile devices and since Google’s algorithm works to show the users the best result, sites not optimized for mobile devices will have lower rankings and be less visible to prospective customers. You can use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool to see if Google considers your website mobile-friendly.

  1. Ensuring the security of your Website

The security of your website is highly important, not only because you are legally responsible for keeping your customer’s data safe but also because Google Chrome, as well as other browsers, show that the websites without SSL security are not secure, which can affect the integrity and ranking of your site. To ensure that data transfer is secure SSL is hugely important especially if you accept payments online or collect email addresses. Installing SSL will help you rank higher in Google as well as increase your rate of conversion.


  1. Installing Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Getting data about the traffic on your website is important as it helps in optimizing the website and also look for more ways of increasing your ranking. Using Google Analytics to track your website’s data will make this a lot easier for you. Google search console also helps you see the particular keywords that visitors to your site search for in Google.

SEO For Home Builders

Home Building SEO for your neighborhood

Focusing on your neighborhood as a Home Builder goes a long way in ensuring that your conversion rate is optimized as a lot of your potential customers would need to be in a distance close enough to access your business and services. Ranking for keywords not related to your neighborhood would be a waste as people who end up needing your services would be unable to access it which is why your resources should be directed towards ranking locally.

Further on are some steps to take to optimize your business for neighborhood conversions.

1. Ensuring the Name, Address and Phone Number of the business are Consistent on the internet

The Name, Address and Phone number of your Home Building business are the three most important pieces of information for potential customers to reach your business. Since this contact information can be found on the internet, having different phone numbers or addresses can adversely affect your rankings as well as confuse potential customers thereby affecting your conversion rate hence it is important to ensure that they are consistent across platforms online.

Moz Local’s listing checker is a free tool that lets you see how your listings appear on the internet and as such sort out any inconsistencies to avoid any issue with your rankings.

2. Getting Backlinks Locally

If you get backlinks from businesses and organisations in your locality, it shows Google that your business is well established and known in your community making your site likelier to rank higher in your location. However, the number of backlinks your business gets is not the most important factor to Google but rather the relevance of those links as this will improve your rankings. Getting involved in events and happenings in your community such as local school events, festivals, charity or donations and so on will increase the chances of being featured on local websites and hence getting backlinks.

3. Including your Home Building Business in the Major Local Listings and Directories

In most cities and even smaller communities, there are always local listing and directories through which residents can look up businesses listed therein. Adding your Home Building business will draw in some customer and also generate a bit of awareness for your business. More importantly, by so doing you are also improving your search engine rankings since the relevance of the webpages linking to your site is used as a signal for which keywords Google ranks your website. Hence, being listed in some directories specific to the Home Building will have a beneficial impact on your search engine rankings.

Angies list

4. Having your business on Google My Business (GMB)

GMB is a free tool from Google that allows you to control how your business is seen on Google Search and Google Maps. The information to be added to GMB will include your business name, location, photos, opening and closing hours, availability of parking spaces, customer reviews and other relevant information.

Appearing on Google My Business listing in search results and on Google Maps is one of the most germane digital marketing aspects as ranking in the top 3 results for searches related to your business would not only give you exposure but also enabling potential customers to be able to reach you with the information you provided in the listing.

Using Call to Action buttons such as the ‘call now’ button will encourage people to get in touch with you for a consultation or a free quote. Ensuring that the information entered in on the listing is correct, up-to-date and consistent would prevent your rankings from being adversely affected. Adding pictures and videos to your listing also help customers make up their mind and also trust your business more which will aid conversion. The reviews and ratings on your listing also influence your ranking and appearance in GMB hence it is advisable to urge customers to review your business positively and also to reply these reviews to encourage more reviews.

Home Builder GMB Results

On-Page SEO for Home Builders

On-page and Off-page SEO are the two aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While, on-page SEO is the optimization of elements on your business website such as the usage of keywords, quality of your content and the use of photos and videos, Off-Page SEO applies to all of the actions that you take to raise the ranking of a page with search engines outside of your website.

Further on are some of the on-page SEO strategies you can use to boost your rankings.

  1. Optimizing your Home Building Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

A title tag is the HTML element specifying the title of your web page. They are usually shown on search engine results pages as the headline to be clicked for a certain search result. The meta description is the short text snippet placed in the HTML of your webpage that will appear under your page’s URL in the search results describing it.

Meta title tags help search engines and searchers understand your page, and as such, they should also be optimized for the keywords that you aim to rank for.

Page Title and Meta Description

  1. Optimizing the Navigation of your Site

The navigation menu is a vital aspect of your website as your rankings and conversion rated will be negatively impacted if people (and search engine crawlers) find it difficult to navigate your site. Hence, your pages included must be simple, relevant, detailed and devoid of broken links and 404 errors.

Local Business Header Menu Sample

  1. Using Relevant Keywords all through your Home Building Website

Including your Home Building keywords in the header tags makes it easier to rank higher as it gives more information about your page. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is evolving and as such can rank for keywords not even on the page, however, it would be smarter to lead them to you directly with your choice of keywords.

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  1. Ensuring your content is unique

Google (and other search engines) strives to ensure that their users get exactly what they are looking for, and for this reason, their algorithm will rank unique and distinct content above identical or duplicate ones. Creating blog posts on your Home Building business site is a way of ranking for a larger range of keywords and yet still coming up with unique content. It is more probable that people will link to blog posts on your site than actual service page, thereby increasing the prospect of backlinks.

  1. Making Home Building Service Pages

Since your Home Building business offers different services, creating separate pages for each of those services can create avenues for your business to rank for keywords related to that particular service that people might be searching for. Optimizing these pages and using location phrases at the head or tail of the string as discussed above increases the chances of ranking higher for such keywords.

  1. Using Schema Markup

Schema Markup (usually called Schema) is a set of codes/instructions/microdata that you can add to your HTML to enhance the way Google and other search engines decipher and present your page in the results page. Schema tells the search engine what the data refers to, so it will not read it as random words.

These data could be the location of your business, contact details, office hours or even the name of the business owner. This will very likely increase the traffic on your page as well as the rate of conversions.

Check out Schema.org to get more information on which schema mark-up to add to your Home Building website.

  1. Optimizing your alternative Text

Alternative (alt) text is used within an HTML code to depict the form and purpose of an image on a page. In your choice of alt text, it is better to use highly informative content containing appropriate keywords and in the context of the main content of the page. However, stuffing alt text with keywords will result in poor user experience and could cause your website to be flagged as spam.

It is vital to have pictures on your site and while the alternative text gives more information about the image, it is also used by the algorithm in search engines to rank your page hence all images should have completed alt texts that include suitable keywords to improve your likelihood of ranking for particular strings.

  1. Adding Location Pages

Creating location pages gives the people visiting your site exclusive information on the services and offers peculiar to each area. More realistically, it also enhances your chances of ranking for local keywords in each of those locations.

Local Pages

Off-Page SEO for Home Builders

Off-Page SEO represents the actions that you take off of your website to raise the ranking of your page with search engines. Off-page SEO is simply making Google see what others think about your website. If there are a sizable number of valuable links pointing to your pages, search engines will deem your content as very valuable to users. When the off-page SEO is discussed, what comes to mind as the major aspect is link building, although off-page SEO is way more complex than just links as we will explore further on.

  1. Link Building

Google uses links to verify the usefulness of any web page as it would be very difficult to ascertain such without links. Backlinks (a link from one website to your website) are vital to your overall SEO strategy as the more backlinks you get the more search engines to consider your site as reputable and ranks you higher. However, it is equally vital to get relevant backlinks from reputable sites in your industry as they signal a higher level of authority. You can use tools like Google Search Console and SEMrush to help with backlinks and grow your business.

Backlink Analysis

  1. Using Industry Influencers and Bloggers

It is necessary to get an individual renowned as an authority in the field or owners of Home Building blogs to convince them to link your content to their website or to share with their network on social media platforms. If your content is truly valuable, this should not be a problem.

  1. Guest Blogging on Other Industry Websites

Guest Blogging is an off-page SEO technique where an individual publishes a blog post on another website or blog to promote their business brand. Guest blogging is very effective as it helps in building links and even the reputation of your business. If you write a guest post for another website or blog, the site would let you link back to your website in the post.

To take advantage of this, you need to get a list of sites that would be good prospects for guest blogging. Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool can be very useful in this regard.

  1. Creating Engaging and Valuable Content

If the content on your site is considered useful and valuable by other relevant sites, you would get a lot of backlinks and even shares on social media.

  1. Social Media Marketing

While it is not exactly certain that social media factors have a huge impact on rankings, still social media can be immensely significant for your business. It provides a platform to connect with your audience and share amazing content. The viral nature of some platforms can increase the popularity and customer base of your Home Building business very significantly.

  1. Facebook SEO for Home Builders

For a local business like a Home Building, the main benefit Facebook presents is the adverts platform on which you can run targeted adverts thereby increasing the traffic on your website.

Facebook SEO aims to widen your influence and draw your target audience to your Home Building website. If the content you provide is considered useful, valuable, or interesting, your content will be shared, largely increasing your search results and visibility within Facebook.

2. Instagram SEO for Home Builders

Instagram is a social media platform that thrives on visual content such as pictures and videos, making it the ideal platform to share great pictures and videos of your work. You can also drive traffic to your website by inserting your link in your bio and making your account a business account. This will also encourage industry influencers to link to you thereby increasing your influence and traffic on your site.

3. Pinterest SEO for Home Building Contractors

Pinterest is a very powerful tool to promote your Home Building business as it also thrives on visual content and draws a huge amount of traffic. Pinterest boards show up even in search engines like Google and optimizing your Business account will make it easier for customers searching for your services to find you. Using hashtags, keywords and ensuring the size of your pictures conform to Pinterest standard also make it easy for people to find your content on Pinterest. Pinterest would be a valuable aspect of your SEO strategy as it lets you target specific products.

4. Twitter SEO for Home Builders

Optimizing your Business Twitter profile will afford you with lasting searchability and visibility. Having a consistent handle across your social media platforms with your business name and makes it easier for searchers to find your business.

Using popular industry hashtags and handle mentions in your bio and tweets also enhances visibility as they serve as keywords to specific searches. It is also good practice to add your website link in your bio so that visitors to your profile can easily proceed to your website.

5. YouTube SEO for Home Builders

YouTube SEO requires optimizing your business channel, playlists, metadata, description, and even the videos for searches within YouTube and in other search engines. Having short clips of your work (completed and in progress) as well as basic building services would build your viewership and authority.

Reliable Home Builder SEO Company

Search engines are not going anywhere anytime soon and as such local business have to maximize the benefits to be gotten from optimizing their business on the internet for conversions.

Some aspects of SEO are highly technical and while it might become imperative to engage an SEO agency it is important to note that there are trusted, proven SEO methods and agencies and also shoddy and risky SEO practices (referred to as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO).

At our agency, we practice the best, industry-standard SEO methods to ensure that our clients get a good return on the SEO investment. Using the methods earmarked above, we improve your SERP rankings and optimize your business for more conversions. We are ready to expand your business, are you? Contact Us Today!

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