As digital platforms are progressively being assimilated into marketing plans and everyday life so are digital marketing campaigns becoming prevalent. The usage of digital devices is becoming a priority over visiting of physical shops thus putting into employment, search engine optimization (SEO) and the likes.


SEO Services For Contractors

Contractor SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure of building up the quantity and quality of website traffic by boosting the visibility of a website to users of a web search engine. It refers to the refinement of unpaid results and exudes direct traffic and purchase of paid placement in the search engines. It is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on the consideration of how search engines work, the computer-programmed algorithms that dictate search engine behavior, what people search for, the actual keywords or search terms typed into search engines, and which search engines are favored by their targeted audience e.g. Google, Bing etc.

The relevance of SEO to increasing brand awareness is said to correspond with the expanding influence of search engine results and search features like knowledge panels, featured snippets and local SEO on customer behavior.

The aim of SEO is to ensure visibility of businesses and conversions through the portrayal of business products in a positive light on search engines, social media and possible adoption of marketing strategy to target people with large social media followings in order to generate favorable comments and conversion.


SEO For Contractors

What does SEO for Contractors mean?

What is SEO and of what importance is it to contractors? SEO is the art of honing your website so that it is easily found on search engine results by customers who are ready to hire your services. The goal is to get your website at the top of the first website of search results for key words/terms that you want your website to show up for. The thing about this is the fact that you need to start with a few best practices and effecting a few changes to your website. Admittedly/naturally, you can go through a whole load of extremely engrossing and time-consuming strategies and tactics to help your website up the Google ranks. However, the aim of this resource is to give you some quick wins.

Why SEO For General Contractors?

The ideal reasons why general contractors should not ignore SEO is because of the importance of word of mouth and internet which seem to go hand-in-hand in this modern age. The internet age has made life much easier for consumers as they would rather search online most times than go through the rigors of getting it done manually. Thus, why website optimization should not be taken lightly for contractor marketing.

  • Organic traffic (Online presence and conversions)

Advertising, publicity and (digital) marketing all require investment. SEO yields organic traffic without much hassle or cost if done right. Contractors need to make use of SEO to aid or build a powerful online presence. In order to attract more and better leads to your business, they help people find and share your business online. A Contractor SEO Company will use as many methods as possible to get your company listed higher on Google as your competitors. All of these in effect builds an online presence and increases the possible conversion of potential searchers.

  • Outdated yellow pages

Instead of going through the rigors of sourcing for yellow pages, they have come to the internet instead. Potential customers would rather surf the net than go through actual hardcopies of those yellow pages. Business review websites like,, etc. are the internet yellow pages which about 97% of people search for local businesses from. Thus, a contractor needs to make his/her presence known or felt on Google. Getting registered on business review websites increases the credibility of your business to potential searchers and also helps local SEO.

  • Decent results long term

Everybody likes quick results. Nobody likes to be delayed and as such SEO is recommended. It is not only trustworthy but also gives solid long-term results. As a contractor you have an advantage over big construction companies trying to rank better on Google. Also, the usage of relevant keywords is to be noted as it can help you get to the top if Google search rank within a few weeks. As quick as SEO is in giving results, it is a long-term investment.

Define your Strategy and Keywords

SEO Strategy, also known as SEO approach, is the system of planning, drafting, and implementing steps drawn to improve search engine rankings. The essence of this is to improve or hone your website’s organic traffic. Here are key steps to creating an SEO strategy:

  • Create a list of keywords
  • Analyze Google’s First Page
  • Create Something Different or Better
  • Add a Hook
  • Optimize Your On-page SEO
  • Optimize for Search intent
  • Make your Content Look Awesome
  • Build Links to Your Website
  • Improve and Update Your Content

Keyword Research

  • Create a list of keywords

Ideally, keyword research is the first step of any genuine SEO strategy as everything in SEO revolves around keywords. Google suggest is a really good tool to make use of as regards keyword research.

  • Analyze Google’s First Page

After getting a list of those keywords, type it into Google and note the first page’s results. Jot down any patterns you notice. This would be helpful in creating your content in the long run.

  • Create Something Different or Better

In creating content, you can either create something different or something better. Writing the same thing as others and beating them at it might be a really good idea at times. However, creating an entirely different/distinct content makes you standout. You need to know what your website and your industry needs or wants. Sometimes, creating something better is all you need to do. Publishing a content that is multiple times better than what the industry has ever seen might be all you need to get your website up the Google rankings.

  • Add a Hook

Getting backlinks is important when it comes to improving your search rankings as they are strongly correlated with the top websites in Google. Thus, you need to find out why people link to specific pieces of content in your industry. Once you do, include that “hook” in your content. Let your ‘fish’ in this case have a hook.

  • Optimize Your On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a whole different world. However, I’ll be recommending three techniques:

  1. Internal Linking: this works if you do it right. Naturally, you want to link from high authority pages to pages that need authority while making use of keyword-rich anchor text in your internal links.
  2. Short, keyword-rich URLs: when it comes to SEO, short URLs crush long URLs and as such ensure to make your URLs your keyword or your target keyword plus one.
  3. Semantic SEO: Simply put, it is the finding of words that are related to your target keyword and making use of such terms in your content.
  • Optimize for Search intent

Your website has to satisfy ‘search intent’ for that keyword. As such you have to align your content to match the searcher’s keyword intent.

  • Make your Content Look Awesome

Designs are probably the most underrated part of content marketing. Having a real good content can be downplayed if the design looks really bad. Thus, you need to invest a ton of time and money into content design

  • Build Links to Your Website

In building links, there are numerous strategies to make use of such as; broken link building, competitor analysis and evangelist method amidst others. Any of these strategies would work well for your website by simply playing by the rules of the game.

Update Content

  • Improve and Update Your Content

This as easy as it seems is not just a complete re-launch of old content as all you’ve to do is look through the old content and seek for places you can add new strategies or content while still ensuring to remove outdated strategies or content.

Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Generating leads as a contractor is certainly one of the most important things for your busines. To have a constant and reliable source of leads for your business, it is of high importance to employ the services of SEO. This way, you get to have that steady stream of consistent, high converting traffic of potential customers while still ranking on Google’s first page.

In this, your keyword(s) of choice would be established, your website should be optimized not only for these keywords but also in general for search engines like Google, Bing and other search engines. These search engines determine the degree of legitimacy and trustworthiness of a website which is based on a variety of factors. An un-optimized website or proper characteristics lacking one will be more difficult to classify for a competitive keyword. The following are steps to be noted when talking about optimizing conversions through SEO:

Responsive website

  • Update of Web design

Websites need to be magnetic and genuine to the consumer. This can be done through designs as consumers make split second, subconscious and conscious decisions during a visit to a website to ascertain its genuineness and its possibility to fulfill their needs. If it doesn’t fulfill every single one of these subconsciously and consciously set standards they would back out within seconds and look for an alternative. Most times before taking time to read the content of the website the decision is made based on the sensations and functions of the website, aesthetics and more importantly the user experience. Hence, the need to continually keep your web design updated and artistically balanced in appearance as our potential customer would rather invest or employ the services of a well-designed and visually pleasing, optimized website that would assure quality and legitimacy.

Contact Details

  • Visibility of your address and phone number at the top of your Website

It is perceived unethical and illegitimate for a business’ website not to have a location and phone number. Thus, it is good to have these as visible components as it reassures your visiting potential customers that they can find and call you with ease. Hiding your address could be burdensome for a customer to find you and to pay you and it could reduce your conversions. Ideally, your business address and contact should be easily found in one (1) click or less.

  • Include a Call to Action Above the Fold on your Website

It is a common believe that online businesses tend to be more expensive and as such even after researching most people still doubt and talk themselves out of it. You can help these set of individuals overcome this psychological barrier by offering something free. It could be a free quote to get the ball rolling and reduce the risk on them while easing/working on the ‘mental barrier’.

Company Profile

  • Putting a face to the Brand

It helps potential customers have a little faith in your business if you have a picture of your team or the business owner on the incipient website and also on other websites. Human faces in web designs or websites makes it easier for the users to form a connection with the brand. Also, it is a pointer as to the degree of legitimacy of a business as there is no room for unethical practices without having to smear their personal image. Thus, with this line of thought of potential customers, you need to reassure them by showing yourself in a friendly manner in pictures on your website. This will serve as a reminder to your potential customers that there are genuine people behind your brand that are willing to help them with their problems.

  • Show off Your Work with Pictures and Videos

To standout in whichever industry you belong to, the quality of your work must speak. Most persons/customers love to have a view of your previous work(s). As simple as pictures are, they’re an effective way of showing off the exquisite quality of your work(s) on your website. However, videos seem to be a more effective way of showing how great your work is because they give the viewer different perspectives and can be even more detailed than pictures. A video can create a deeper connection with the potential customer which can lead to them calling you and choosing you over your competition.


  • Add your Certificates and Seals for Credibility

It is always a good idea to show your certificates and seals for credibility on your website so as to reassure customers of your legitimacy. You can also show off anytime that your company was featured in a newspaper. This serves as a proof that your business is one of the best around and thus reassures potential customers of the quality of what you have to offer and the degree of legitimacy of your business.


  • Show Reviews by Previous Customers

Most times, all that there is left to convince a potential customer to patronize your business is a review. It is of high importance to show visitors of your website the experience of your previous customers while contracting/working with you. Thus, showing off the praise that your quality of work receives from previous customers or even a phone conversation could do the magic of conversion and bring in more customers for your business directly from your SEO traffic.

Mobile Responsive

  • Make sure your Website is Responsive and Optimized for Mobile Devices.

In recent times, most people make use of more mobile phones in visiting websites than a desktop computer or laptop. This is the reason for the vitality of having a mobile responsive and optimized website so as to ensure that potential customers visiting can actually view your website. Google automatically gives a higher placement in search results to a website that can be viewed via cell phones. This is because Google wants to offer their users the best user experience possible. Websites that are not adequately responsive to be viewed on cell phones can be penalized by Google’s algorithms which will in turn affect the ranking of such websites. To avoid this, you can confirm if your website is optimized for a mobile device by visiting the Mobile-Friendly Test tool from Google and inputting your URL.

  • Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console

It is germane to gather as much information as possible about your traffic so as to help learn about them and adapt your keywords, ads, website, and overall campaign. As a result, optimize/hone these for the high percentage converting demographics. Google Analytics is used to amass data about where your website visitors are located, bounce rate and general information such as gender, age, type of device being used to view your website. Google Search Console aids in taking note of keywords used to find your website and how effective your SEO is going. It is advisable to have these Google tools installed before the start of your digital marketing campaign. You can make use of these tools in identifying missed opportunities to grow your website ranking and conversions.


  • Ensure Your Contractor Website is Safe and Secure

The security of your website is of crucial importance. How? It is your legal responsibility to keep your customers’ information safe, most especially if you are processing payments through your website. Google chrome and other internet navigators warn users when websites are not secure by marking websites without HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) as “Not Safe”. This discourages visitors from visiting the website as they have to take extra steps to click through a process to view it. This most definitely hurts conversions. HTTPS is widely made use of on the internet and is used for secure communication over a computer network through the usage of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) [now known as Transport Layer Security (TLS)].


On-Page SEO

It is the practice of optimizing webpages to hone a website’s search engine rankings and garner organic traffic. On-Page SEO depends a whole lot on what you can control. A large percentage of ranking success in small markets is attributed to On-Page factors. On-Page SEO is of importance as it helps search engines understand your website, its content and its relevancy to a searcher’s query. Thus, the most important thing is knowing how to utilize keywords and implementing them in the right format throughout your website. Ensure you have unique and salient content. Also, integrate schema markups to make it easier for search engine bots to comprehend your content. Expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness is of key importance in On-page SEO as it is a metric used to assess content creators, webpages and websites in its entirety.

Off-Page SEO

It is a whole different world here as it is beyond links. A lot of things that matter to Google often happen away from your website/webpage and as such the need for an Off-Page SEO, the time you would spend on off-page SEO would differ depending on your marketing goals/aims.

It basically recounts to Google what others think about your webpage. For example, if you have numerous links to your website, it would be assumed that you have great and value-giving content as people only share or reference website content they like. Thus, Off-Page SEO involves activities done away from your webpage to raise the ranking of a webpage with search engines by yourself and others. As said earlier, it is beyond links. Numerous activities that do not result in standard link on other webpages are of importance to Off-Page optimization.

Preparation of a website for link building is a notable aspect of Off-Page SEO. Links are of high importance as it is almost impossible for Google to determine the value of a website if there are no links pointing to it. Website owners sometimes get tempted to skip initial preparations for link building. However, it is important you give this top priority. This is to avoid topping the rankings and suddenly going down due to a skipped step in preparation. How then do you ensure that your websites are ready for link building?

Website Hierarchy

  1. Laying out your internal linking

In SEO, internal linking is mostly overlooked. It is mostly not realized that much of a website’s “SEO value” flows from the structure of the internal linking. This is possible when you have links from high-value pages on the same website. Silo your websites perfectly if you want a healthy link equity between your internal pages. You need to remember that it is no longer about just the quantity of links you have but the quality of links to your internal pages. It is as salient as the structure of the websites themselves. Often times increasing the number of links pointing to your internal pages could help your SEO efforts.

     2. Do the basic on-page SEO

On-page SEO is salient as you do not want Google to view your website as a neglected portal.

     3. Pick Semantic keywords

Your choice of keywords controls every other factor when it comes to SEO. It is the foundation of your content creation campaign. Keyword research are of genuine importance as some keywords have a higher impact than others. Thus, if you want to improve the odds of moving organic traffic to your website, you need to pick Semantic keywords; keywords relating to a particular subject.

Ideally, Off-Page SEO should be approached knowing that the efforts you put in today will pay off in the future, most importantly increasing your search engine rank and leading you to the success you desire. With consistency and patience, you would gradually climb to the top of Google’s results.

More Useful Tips

These are SEO strategies that would help aid what you sell or the service you render as a Contractor on your website. They are as follows:

  • Update your website titles and descriptions
  • Update your website’s content
  • Update image alt text
  • Claim your Google My Business listing
  • Build citations

Page Title and Meta Description

  • Update your website title and Meta descriptions

This is one of the quickest wins you can possibly have when discussing/talking about SEO. Website titles are of utmost important considering the fact that it helps search engines figure out/comprehend what your website is about, which would help you rank for important key terms. Also, it is the potential searcher’s first impression in finding your business listed on the search engine result website. The Meta description is as important as your website title as it gives/defines your website to a web searcher/surfer. How? Naturally, a good description can spur searchers to click through to your website. The goal is to get people to see what you have to offer with the hope of conversion. Right!? Thus, the Meta description is as important as the website title. You need to ensure that your website title and Meta description is easy to comprehend for those who know nothing about your business or industry. If not, you would not be communicating with potential customers but yourself. Let your website title and Meta description communicate! Also, make use of keywords that indicate the kind of services you offer and your location.

  • Review your website’s content

Content is very germane to your business’ website as it is the spokesman between yourself and Google and the potential searchers. Every single one of the content on your website should be highly unique to your business and decently showcase your brand and its voice. You need to be aware of the fact that you need to include words that point out or discuss about the services you render and your service locations while still thinking of about a riveting content for your website. Avoid keyword stuffing. Why? It inadvertently hurts or reduces the visibility of collecting leads from website visitors as it could be a great turn off. Sometimes, it can lead to a Google penalty. Be careful while creating contents so as to avoid sounding unfriendly. Rather be sure to give off a friendly voice and tone.

In addition, the practice of including your contact information in the footer all through your website. This is highly beneficial as it gives the search engines an idea of your business’ location and many more. It gives a notable user experience as website visitors find it easier to get the business location amidst others. It would surely surface as a good user experience which is an added bonus to your website as this would increase the number of conversion(s) from the potential searchers. Ensure to always review your website content to ensure you’re rightly communicating through every single sentence of your content.

  • Update image alt text

As much as Google is good at understanding the content of a website, it cannot read nor peruse the subject of an image without a snippet of help. The image alt text is used to portray an image on a website. It helps search engines accurately index image(s). Your alt text needs to be descriptive and void of hard sell attempts at keyword stuffing.

HVAC GMB Listings

  • Claim your Google My Business listing

It is a free and easy to use tool for businesses to manage their online presence, an online directory. The claim of your Google My Business listing is of importance as it helps facilitate growth as it gives potential customers the means to access your business. If you effectively want to work on your SEO efforts, you need to know what factors will have the biggest impact on businesses like yours in your line of work/industry. If you have not claimed your Google My Business profile, ensure you do. If you have then, you’re ready to take your Google My Business websites to the next level.

  • Building of Citations

It is one of the key foundations of local SEO. Local citations brings to the awareness of Google, how reputable your business is. A local citation is any mention of your business online which usually includes: your business name, address, and phone number
(often referred to as NAP). Citations may also include other notable information such as; your zip code, state, and website. Citations are either structured or unstructured citations. Structured citations are listings on business directories. For example, listings on websites like Yellow Pages, Angie’s List and Yelp. Unstructured citations are mentions of your business on websites that are not business listings such as online media stories or reviews, blog posts, and more. Start by building structured citations in places that you are not listed. There are great websites that have the best citations for contractors. Do your research and check them out!

Schema, Local Relevance and Google My Business

Before diving a little bit more in-depth into talking about Google My Business Creation and Optimization strategies, I’d like to talk about Schema. A schema is a cognitive framework or concept that helps organize and interpret information. Having the right Schema in place helps Google bots understand what each page on your website is all about.

You’ll need a schema that is custom to contractors, and it should have your mobile number, address, GMB link, Social profiles and some other important details in there. This helps tie all your local properties together. Need to know more about Schema Specific to home improvement companies? You can head here to satisfy your curiosity:

Schema can get quite confusing to make from scratch, so head on here to Web 20 Rankers Local SEO Schema Tool and fill in all your business details (as it appears on your Google my business listing and Local citations, read on to understand all these terms I’m using here): Local Schema Generator

To use this tool:

  • Head on to the link above
  • Click the drop down and select local business
  • Under select local business type, find your business type (which is the ” GeneralContractor”). Ensure to select the right schema for your business type.
  • Next fill in your business name
  • In the URL section, enter your website address
  • If you’ve setup social profiles (e.g. Facebook, twitter etc), get their URLs and click sameAs and continue to add till you’ve got nothing else to add.
  • Add your business logo URL. To do this just right click on your website logo on your website and click copy image address and paste it in there
  • For image, just get a good image depicting your business from your website, use the method above to get the image address (URL) too
  • Description is where you fill your company description
  • The rest is self-explanatory except the longitude and latitude. To find this, just head on to your Google my business listing, it’ll be displayed in the URL bar.

The part highlighted in red is the Latitude and Longitude:,-97.466279,

HVAC Schema

Once you’re done setting it all up, copy the code generated here and go to to test if the code is clean and works just fine. Ensure the Name, Address and Phone Number are correct.

To do this:

  • Just head onto the URL above
  • Once it loads it’ll ask you to paste in a code snippet or Fetch URL,
  • Choose code snippet since that’s what you’ve
  • Then submit it. It’ll process a bit and spit out a result if you don’t see any error, you’re good to go, if you see any error, you would need to fix it. You can fix it by Googling the error, those who are conversant with Schema can fix those errors without much problems.
  • Once complete put this code in your website’s header (or footer) any is fine. I typically put mine in the header since I believe the bot crawls from top to bottom, so it gets to see schema as one of the first items, but the footer also works fine too.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Structured Data Testing Tool

Well, that’s all settled, now let’s proceed into working on the GMB, what you’ve been secretly waiting to get to (or maybe not lol). When it comes to local SEO, which is the service most local companies need, since they service a local community, a Google My Business (GMB) Listing is a must, as it serves as a major corner stone for local businesses.

Here’s what the 3-pack (or snap pack) looks like for the search “roofing contractor near me”:

Contractor GMB Results

What on Earth is the snap pack or 3-pack (common among SEOs):

Google Snack Pack is a boxed area that appears on the first results page when a local online search is made through Google’s search engine. The Snack Pack box displays the top 3 local business listings most relevant to the search enquiry. According to one study, 33% of clicks go to the local “snack pack” results, with 40% going to the regular organic results.

Key takeaway: it pays to rank in both, which is where local SEO comes in.

google my business optimization optimized vs unoptimized labeled

Image Source: Wordstream

So why should you consider getting one for your business?

  • These listings typically appear above Organic search results and tend to carry more weight, especially for local SEO.
  • You can get reviews on your profile which stands as a strong social proof and trust signal to prospective customers
  • You can get a lot more calls by having a GMB listing ranked in the 3-pack (The top 3 listings that are displayed when customers search for your services).
  • You can get a free website when you’ve a GMB listing verified and setup

So, what exactly do you do to rank in the 3-pack?

When it comes to ranking GMBs, Google has put a proximity filter in place, which means your GMB visibility is limited to certain area radius, can that be broken, well yes, but not completely and It takes a whole lot of work to accomplish that. The purpose of this filter is to get customers the closest business to them as possible, so the closest business to a searcher typically tends to come up first in the 3-pack before businesses further out from where the searcher is located.

GMB Step by Step Ranking Guide:

I’m not going to be overly detailed here as this guide is already a lengthy one. I’ll try to be concisely broad.

  • Complete every section of your Google my business account. Fill up every detail that you can, in summary don’t leave any stone unturned or in this case any field blank. Here’s a great resource to fully optimize your GMB listing.
  • Be very accurate with contact information. Try not to change it across any platform if you can. In summary your GMB address and other contact details should be the same on your website, Apple, Bing and Yahoo maps as well as local citations. If you service diff cities or towns and have GMBs there, create separate pages having accurate information on those pages and add those pages as the corresponding website pages in your GMB website URL section. Slightly confusing? Let’s take an example to simplify things:

Joe owns a plumbing website: Joe the plumber serves Jacksonville and Gainesville in Florida, 2 different cities in the same state. Joe would need to create 2 different service pages, one for Jacksonville and the other for Gainesville. When Joe decides to create 2 different GMBs for these 2 locations, he won’t just put as his website address for both GMBs rather he would put: for the Jacksonville GMB as the website address and as the website address for the Gainesville GMB. But why? Because these pages would have different information that corresponds to that location and would fit in just fine with Google bots understanding what the service and location of the page is all about and attribute it to the GMBs respectively.

  • Select primary and secondary categories. If you search for your keyword e.g. contractors New York, the primary category you should select should be the one your competitors have in place, unless your business is different from that, which I doubt. The phrase underlined in pink is the main category for the businesses listed in that location. For secondary categories, use this tool, it’ll show you categories strongly related to yours: Pleper


Image Source: Ahrefs

  • Upload at least 5 pictures for good measure and try to upload new pictures weekly
  • Upload videos if available
  • Upload your Logo and cover photo
  • Setup and Optimize the free google website attached to your GMB account.
  • Answer common questions your customers ask you on your GMB, if no one has asked a question, you ask it and then provide an answer.
  • Begin posting, once every 2 – 3 days is fine
  • Download the GMB App and enable messaging so customers can send you messages directly to your GMB.
  • Ask your customers to leave you reviews and ensure to respond to those reviews, even if some of them are negative. By responding to negative reviews, customers can see how you’d treat them if it doesn’t work out, and most would consider if you won’t come at them like a dog running after a bone thief.

Pro Tip: Tell them to mention what service you offered to them in their review if possible, this helps get your keywords into the review section

  • Claim your Apple, Bing, MapQuest and yahoo maps listings
  • Setup your Yelp profile
  • Embed your Google map in your website footer if you’re serving a single location like the whole of Jacksonville for example. If you service multiple cities, do not do that, only embed your GMB map on the respective city location page.

To embed your GMB Map:

  • Go to your GMB listing Page
  • Once it’s loaded, to the right of the listing, the fifth icon which says share, click on it
  • Map Share Button
  • Select the tab that says Embed
  • Copy that code and put it on your website based on the info above. Your map should be embedded now.
  • Embed GMB Listing
  • Get other local citations done. A local citation is a mention of your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) on a directory listing. It’s typically called local citation, because a lot of these directories have a section local to your location where they only display businesses specific to that location. Sample local citations include: Yelp, Manta, Foursquare etc. This helps put some local relevance in the links going to your website.

Pro Tip: Use the Address from your GMB to create the local citations

  • Submit your business information to data aggregators. A data aggregator Is a large source of information where other websites can access your contact information and some automatically use that to create profiles for your business online, hence you want the info here to be correct. By submitting to a data aggregator, you know when other websites come to pick up your info it’ll be correct, and if Google comes crawling by (which they would), they see the correct info too. Some Data Aggregators are: Infogroup/InfoUSA, Factual, Acxiom, Thomson local and Neustar Localeze
  • Add geo relevance to your website by speaking about your location. For example, talk about the top parks to visit in your location, an international airport in your location (if available), top schools, Zoos, Aquariums, top shopping malls and the sorts. Embed maps of these locations in your articles too. But Daniel! There are too many places to talk about, how do I know the best to pick? Why don’t we let Google tell us what’s best?

Head on to Google and type in “Top 10 things to do in [location]”

You should see a result like the one below:

Top 10 things to do in dallas

Click on more sights, then you’ll see what Google consider the top places in [location] according to user review stats. There, you can pick 5 – 10 to talk about!

Geo location content

  • Get local websites to link back to you. You can get this from some establishments by becoming a sponsor or contacting local bloggers. More difficult to get than normal links, but definitely worth it.

Well that’s it! I genuinely hope this helps your business grow more, follow this guide and you’ll definitely see some decent improvements in your rankings.

Work with a Credible Contractor SEO Company

Aziel Digital is an elite digital marketing agency focused on getting customers results with proven, constantly updated SEO and digital marketing strategies to ensure their clients remain on top. Been burned by other SEO agencies before? Or you’re a new business in need of SEO services for your contracting business? Or an established business seeking more growth? Got questions or need help with SEO for your business? Schedule a quick consultation with us today and find out what we’ve in store for you!

In working with a credible Contractor SEO Company, you need to be able to answer these questions before determining if you actually need the services of an SEO company.

  • Why do I need to engage the services of an SEO Company?

You need to have clear reasons as to why you need to engage the services of an SEO company in the first place. Are you in need of a proper internet presence and you don’t have a website? Or do you have a website but you are not getting any sort of traffic from it? Or you are getting traffic but not conversions (that is, customers) or you have a website, however it is not optimized for social media, search engines or its users? Or you want to improve your online presence?

  • Where can I find a good SEO company?

SEO companies are online based companies and as such do not necessarily have to be in your neighborhood. So, how and where can you find a good and reputable SEO company to work with? Via word of mouth? You can ask friends for recommendations as knowing that a company did good work on someone else’s website is a very positive factor.

You can click on the ads. In searching for terms related to finding a reliable SEO company or service, you would see a number of ads on top of the search results. These displayed ads, the companies secure top positions with a reasonable amount of money and to get a return on investment they have to provide for a good service or they would not be able to survive in the long term.

Companies that appear in the first positions of the SERPs have invested reasonable amount of time and money, which is a sign they take their business seriously. Thus, organic rankings could be a means of getting a reputable SEO company.

  • How do I assess the reliability of a SEO company?

It is advisable to assess the reliability of a SEO company before making your final decision by taking a look at the services they offer. Also, make sure that they are not being unrealistic with their promises, they can explain what method(s) of action they would take, and they have a clear fee payment plan.

Another way to assess is to ask them to do an audit of your website. It is inexpensive and a quick mode of assessing the effectiveness of the company. Also, talking to them by asking questions or by interviewing them as your prospective partners.

  • What should I know about SEO?

Having at least, a basic knowledge makes it easier to negotiate or challenge a method proposed by your SEO. Being knowledgeable about this field makes it easier for you to understand the procedure to some an extent. For example, going for a long-term plan. The duration of work should be discussed and agreed upon before the signing of any contract. The job of an SEO is to make sure that a website is secure, user friendly, fast and with good ranking positions on major search engines. The main deal is still on the website and how to optimize it for search engines but for ultimate results you need to look for areas outside the boundaries of the website as well.

  • Results

Everything on the internet is measurable as there are metrics and reports that can help you measure and track the activity of your website with respect to incoming visits, time users spend on your website, websites they visit, amidst others.

Even though it takes a long period of time to get a reasonable result, if after 6 months there are no changes you might need to consider a change in contract. Although, you need to also be mindful of the fact that it might take some time for the website to show results

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