The digital market has positively affected the growth of more than thousands of companies online from Amazon to Facebook, even nearby businesses adopted this at a much slower rate. The idea of getting new ways to bring in customers is always key in businesses and that is why the latest approach is always the best. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has rapidly turned into a go-to method for businesses, especially businesses like construction companies.

The online world is a whole new thing entirely as almost everything needed can be gotten; like selling and buying as well as information and even jobs. The internet has got people looking for solutions and businesses rather than using methods of the good old days- digital marketing has got a boom better than ever before and it will be appropriate to use it advantageously.

The world is moving further ahead with the internet and becoming more digital. The biggest stop for every new WHERE, WHAT and WHY is the internet and it has people all over the globe depending on it for answers to every question and need. The internet has everything most people need and with the internet’s approval on most things it makes things further authentic and appealing. Digital marketing has created a whole new space for businesses to thrive and even compete with each other.

A lot of people understand that the digital market is growing and will continue to grow and they want to be a big part of that growth so if you also happen to have that belief it will be a good idea for you to invest in the digital market. A few only choose not to make hay while the sun shines and this can lead to stagnation. What you invest in the digital market will definitely ensure the continuous growth to your business as most lives join in the journey to revolve around the Internet.

Search engine optimization should be at the core of this strategy because Google and Bing represent a large part of all internet traffic and by optimizing for them, you can get yourself more potential customers to your Construction business by putting to good use SEO for a Construction Company. The world is fast moving with the Digital market and this is for those who grab every moment and turn it to opportunities for growth.


SEO Services For Construction Companies

What Is SEO?

SEO for Construction Companies is the process of optimizing your Construction Company’s website, creating great content and matching up to other factors so that you appear higher up in the search engine results pages for relevant queries.

Why You Need SEO For Your Construction Company

Let’s take the example of a roofer in Los Angeles; they’d benefit hugely by ranking number one in Google for the phrase “roofer in Los Angeles” because the people who search that phrase are looking for roofing services in Los Angeles. Ranking higher in Google will translate to more people coming to your website, meaning more leads and therefore more sales.

As long as you can turn leads into customers, which we know you can because you’re already serving your customer base, generating more leads will translate to higher profits each year. SEO is all about increasing your brand awareness for specific phrases so that the people who are in your area and looking for construction services see your business rather than your competitors. Instead of your business intruding on people through advertisement, SEO is an inbound marketing strategy where your potential customers are looking for your business, making selling your services that much easier.

It is not a new fact that the world is becoming more of digital and the best in the Digital marketing world gets more attention. For a Construction Company to have a double check, it would have to rank higher in Google to get more customers than ever imagined. They would benefit hugely by ranking number one in Google because the people who search are looking for great Construction services. So, the idea of them ranking higher in Google will translate to more customers visitation to their website, meaning more heights and therefore more sales. Take for example a Construction Company with high rankings and also great customer reviews.

The success of a business is not to just getting it started, but also keeping it moving. Apart from serving your customers with all efficiency, strategy to turn ranks to customers must be generated to have great profits flowing in each year. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mostly about increasing the ranks of business’ awareness with specific phrases for specific businesses so that people in your locality in search of a Construction Service would see your business first instead of that of competitors.

People have different purposes for search. The worst that could happen to a searcher is continuous advertisements. Instead of imposing advertisement on people, an inbound strategy is SEO. With this, your potential customers are inquiring of your services and this in turn makes easier the portrayal of your services and helps the selling.

Construction companies dallas tx search results semrush

Define Your SEO Strategy and Keywords for your Construction Company

In SEO, keywords are quite vital considering the fact that they can take you to the top or bottom. Ranking #1 in Google is determined mostly by a ton of keywords. Most SEO strategies are laid out by the keywords that you choose to go for. The words typed into Google will bring out results and for your website to appear in the Google results pages for terms that are synonymous to the content on your web pages, it is important to decide right from time what keywords you want to utilize and therefore what content is required.

Most marketing strategies go for the interest of customers and the same goes for any other marketing strategy out there. The audience you intend to attract is going to be the driving force for the creation of your work and their interest will play a significant dictating role in the success of your operations.

Your goal is to get customers with the appropriate level of income to afford the services you are offering. Target customers with the income to pay for your services and those you can comfortably drive whenever necessary. The idea is not to just get audience but the right audience. By choosing your audience, we can start creating a number of potential keywords that we would love to target and appear in the pages of the search engine results.

There are several keywords that can result in dropping of ranks. A terrible choice of keyword for a Construction Company who works with middle-class and Upper-class income families will be “Cheap” and in trying to be acceptable. Attracting the wrong audience e.g attracting customers who are interested in their pockets rather than result can end up in you shooting yourself in the leg.

However, if your Construction company does have the lowest prices in your locality, then that keyword might just be very fantastic. Your business strategy and target market work hand-in-hand with deciding which keywords to use.

Once you have made up your mind on the audience you are targeting, you can begin the work on ranking for keywords that potential customers are likely to search; keywords that are not too broad, keywords with less competition. The use of the same keyword overtime can be boring at times or even unsatisfactory, but going for synonyms will be a greater choice. There is the Search Intent (when people go in search on google for what they need or desire to know, they always have goals in mind). By doing this, you can focus all your resources on the keywords you think your ideal customer will use, not those which lower standard leads will type in instead.

This goes to show that there is a phrase in the search term which gives Google, Bing or Yahoo some insight into the location of the searcher.

  • Best Construction Company Texas
  • Construction Company in Hollywood
  • Construction Company in WH, LA

These keywords are going to be the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs of your SEO strategy for three reasons among others:

  • First of all, they have become phrases which are going to have more competition; bearing in mind the fact that other sites are trying to get to the top, little worries should be afloat your mind and burden yourself less because ranking #1 might be hard but it is also easy (the right choice in words). Fewer websites are trying to top the chart for these phrases, and therefore we can appear in the results pages of the search engine faster and easier. The benefit of this is that you can see a return on your investment earlier and begin to bring in more customers.
  • Secondly, the standard of your leads from more specific questions like these is going to be higher than in general terms. You might think that you want to rank for “best Constructor” but the better majority of those searchers are not going to be close to you, and therefore you’ll get a lot of junk leads and since it is a lot more broad there will be stiffer competition which will result in waste of your time and money.
  • Lastly, people search in favor of proximity and because your business is located in the same area that the searcher is looking, Google will most likely give your website and your Google Business Listing more visibly. This increases the rate of visibility in the results pages Which means more traffic to your website as well as increased leads, recommendations, more jobs and profit for your business.

General Construction Keywords

The very first keyword type that should be targeted is a very general type which will include the most stereotypical terms that searchers intend to use like Constructing, Constructor, Construction service and Construction contractors along with a specification of location. Twist it by making use of the location phrase either at the beginning or the end of the phrase, to create two different keywords which people might choose to go for.

These general Construction keywords will typically follow the format “Construction in Albuquerque” or “Albuquerque Constructors” which are phrases which you could naturally envision people would type. With these you can rank and by ranking for these, you can achieve the goal of traffic to your website. These people have already put forth their purpose to you which signifies that they are interested in your services because they are looking for these types of results and therefore you will see great difference in the conversion from traffic viewers to more customers.

Specific Construction Service Keywords

The second type of keyword that you should target is service specific. These are for customers who are on the look out for the specific services that you have to offer, rather than just searching for a Construction company in general.

The awesome thing about these keywords is that it happens to be steps beyond a common keyword and here, the customer is well aware of the services that are needed. They would have taken the effort to understand the work that needs to be done and who is to be contacted for that to happen and here your keywords are put to good use. These customers are extremely eager to hire a constructor and therefore tend to convert at unexpectedly high rates from leads in the search engine to clients.

Depending on how the mind frames of searchers are obscure, the keywords chosen would have to be specific and general all in the same. This in turn gives a different twist.

It happens quite often that both specific service keywords and a general phrase are targeted on the same web page and a perfect example is creating a piece of content on construction repairs and using phrases referring to roofing as well. The Usage of these keywords also give you more control over the types of customers that will be visiting your website and patronize all in the same. You might choose not to care for other attractive general phrases since you specialize mainly in construction for example the idea of you not caring about roofing repair clients because the profit is low, but you also wanting as many Construction contracts as you can lay your hands on. The information on ground can help you with prioritizing the types of Service keywords that you intend to target and make use of.

With this information, you can utilize your resources in the most efficient ways to bring in the right audience for your business. Depending on the services you are available to offer, and of which are the most profitable to you, we can create an SEO strategy for Construction that optimizes your output for the monthly budget.

Specific Construction Company Structure Keywords

Depending on the variety of customers that you serve you might also want to structure your targeted keywords so that they will represent what you are selling in an accurate manner. The simplest example of this would perhaps be between constructors that work commercial clients and those that serve residential construction jobs.

As a commercial constructor, you might want to go for keywords like “Industrial Construction Company in NYC” because more general keywords will normally be utilized by customers who are residents. However, when you offer services to families and even individuals, it can come across as worthwhile to go for keywords like “Residential Construction Company in San Jose” because a lot people might use these in an attempt to appear more specific in types of queries.

Competitor Keyword Research Using SEMRush

Tools for Keyword Research

The inclusion of a variety of keywords through these three unsimilar categories, you can end up with a powerful strategy for a creation that cast a broad but also particular net to make sure that you are able to bring in as much traffic as you possibly can, but also from the right kind of people.

Getting yourself to come about these types of keywords is not all that complicated, but rather you are definitely going to run out of ideas quickly. Thereby making this the reason why it is useful to use tools like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and Longtail Pro, all of which will allow you find keywords that are searched for regularly in your industry. Most times, you will discover a Goldmine of keywords that you would never have imagine, and this gives you a chance to double your potential reach, while bringing in a lot more leads than ever and gaining profit per month for your business.

A lot of these keyword tools have monthly fees attached to them, but they are necessities for you if you are really interested in finding the right keywords to target. Mainly for this particular reason, a lot of people decide to go with an agency that is well aware of what to search for and has years of experience on their hands doing keyword research and on ground have access to these essentially powerful tools.

Getting yourself keywords is not the only step you would take to have enough to get the task completed. You would also need to find out how competitive they are so that you will have an insight of whether you can go for them realistically and rank for them, what you will need to do to have the number one spot and how long it will take you. Without a backlink analysis tool like SEMRush, Ahrefs or Moz this will be very impossible because backlinks are a specific key component of SEO and you therefore need to research the back links of your competitors to examine the competitive nature of certain keywords.

Although keyword research is far from the entirety of an SEO strategy, it is the most important stage. They give the kick start for the work- with completely wrong keywords, it does not matter how greatly your site is optimized or what backlinks you get; you will never bring in the exact type of traffic that will convert into the types of customers that you really want.

Optimize Your Construction Website for Conversions

While there is some repeat business from customers, it might be years before they get back to you and therefore you need to ensure that you consistently and constantly have that fresh supply of leads which come into your business. Therefore, it is essential that you optimize your site to rank in Google and bring in more traffic that happens to already be interested in the services that you have to offer.

Once you have established which keywords you want to go for it is relevant to make sure that your site is optimized for ranking, both for those in general and keywords. Google and other search engines use a variety of signals to estimate how trustworthy a site is and without these features, you’ll find it hard to rank for any competitive keywords.

As a constructor, all of your clients ought to be within a driving distance, which is the reason why local SEO is critical. You do not specifically care too much about ranking for terms which are not searched in your local area and therefore all resources should be focused on ranking locally.

Angies list

Add Your Construction Business to The Top Local Listings and Construction Directories

In a city or a small town, there are normally local listing and directories where businesses are listed. By adding your business to these you can increase awareness of your brand and attract a lot of clients, but you are also structuring a citation which happens to be a positive ranking signal and can also improve your Google rankings.

Google also seeks for the importance of the pages which are linking to your website and makes use of this as a signal for which keywords you would be ranked for. As a result, it is of good worth to be enlisted in industry-specific directories because it could have a positive effect on your rankings.

Making use of tools like Bright Local can accelerate the process, instead of having to personally add and update the listing yourself.

Ensure You Have Consistent NAP

NAP is synonymous to Name, Address and Phone number, which happen to be the three most essential pieces of information related to your business. This info is enlisted across the net, from your website to Facebook and directories and Google utilizes this to affect your rankings and local business listings. However, having a variety of NAP information across the net could lead to confusion for Google crawlers, therefore it is important that you guarantee that your listings are not just constant but consistent.

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Optimize Your Google My Business (GMB)

Being a local business, having a GMB happens to be one of the most important aspects of your marketing to your local community. In this listing, you would want to provide as much info as possible not only for ranking in the top 3 of the local map pack to attain more exposure as seen, but to also provide potential clients with a reason to call you.

Lastly, Google also utilizes the amount and rating of your search engine reviews to effectively influence your appearance in these areas, and therefore you should encourage clients to give your business positive reviews on Google.

SEO for construction Companies

On-Page SEO for Construction Companies

SEO can be broken down into two different sections, on-page and off-page. On-page SEO is known as the optimization of content on your website itself like the keyword usage, use of images and or videos and content quality.

Use Keywords Throughout Your Construction Website

Although search engines are getting smarter and can help rank you for phrases that never come up on the page, it is usually wise to direct them in the right direction. The three powerful places you would have to include your keywords are in the heading tags, title tag and alt text, because Google and other search engines give those areas a large weight as it informs them on what a page or section is all about.

Local Pages

Add Location Pages

If you service multiple locations, which you probably do, it is wise to create the different location pages. The importance of this is that you can provide the reader with more detailed info about what you have to offer in each locale and it also gives you that opportunity to rank for keywords that are local.

Make Construction Service Pages

For the services that you have to offer it is sagacious to create an entirely different page for the same reason, it provides you with more opportunities to rank for individual service keywords that people are looking for. You can also optimize these service pages for a location for example by having a Construction service page and using location phrases like “Construction Service in Los Angeles” to rank for those keywords.

Local Business Header Menu Sample

Optimize Your Site Navigation

Making it difficult for people to navigate your website also makes it more challenging for the spiders to crawl your site and index your pages. As well as ensuring that you have simple navigation with a detailed menu, you should also reduce broken links, remove 404 errors and create a logical internal linking strategy.

Have Unique Content

A particular thing of worthy note is the fact that Google dislikes the duplication of content. It not only offers little or no help to the users, but also wastes the resources they have. A way to create some unique content is to create a blog, which a lot of businesses do because it allows them a chance to rank for a much wider set of keywords, but also in addition it creates opportunities for backlinks. While people barely link to service pages, they are more likely to link to a blog post on your website.

Off-Page SEO For Construction Companies

Almost immediately after the optimization of your site, you will have the need to begin the consideration for the off-site resources that Google makes use of to rank pages. The most significant are social media as well as backlinks, both of which are utilized as trust and ranking signals to determine which of the pages should rank above others with identical content.

Link Building

A link from a site to a page on a different website is called a backlink primarily taken as a vote of confidence and the more votes you are able to get your pages, the better it is. To put it simply, the relevancy, quality, and quantity of the links to your pages matter. Google uses these signals and more to evaluate the authoritativeness of your site and therefore decide where and how you should rank.

Create Engaging Content

One simple method to earn backlinks to your website from useful sources is to create content that is very relevant to others and which also deserves to be shared on social media and linked to by other websites as well.

Work with A Trusted Construction SEO Company

Search engines such as Google is here to stay, and if you intend to compete in your local industry, you would have to ensure that your business comes out on top when people are searching for your services in your area. SEO can help in ensuring that, which is why it is the most valuable investment that you can make.

Bear in mind; there is always a wrong and a right method to do SEO. In the industry it is mostly referred to as Black and White Hat SEO which is the way in which a business makes decisions on how to perform their SEO strategy. While Black Hat SEO turns out to be very be effective, it breaks rules and is often penalized, and your outcome can disappear overnight.

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