The exceptional beaches near Jacksonville differ from the various other different beaches, are a getaway from this stress the life of today offers. The beaches give you that relaxed feeling that makes you wish to sit on a beach for hrs simply looking at the ocean’s waves touching your feet as well as delighting in that awesome breeze. Here is a list of the 7 distinct beaches you have to check out to get such a feel on your next trip to the States!

– Atlantic Beach
– American Beach
– Jacksonville Beach
– Neptune Beach
– Peter’s Point Beachfront Park
– Ponte Vedra Beach
– Fort Clinch State Park

1. Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is enlisted as one of the most popular beaches near Jacksonville, Florida. The beach happens to be positioned only 18 miles from city center Jacksonville, the beach offers the beauty of an impressive scenery. This beach grasps one of the most unique resorts in Jacksonville’s beach resorts, the Ponte Vedra Inn As Well As Club. The beach offers a range of activities to the visitors like surfing, swimming, water skiing and also golf.

2. Jacksonville Beach

The most wonderful of the beaches in town, is the Jacksonville beach. The Jacksonville Beach has everything covered, from an astonishing captivating coastline to the tasty delicacies from restaurants as well as cafes. The beach likewise offers an outstanding spot for surfing, known as ‘The Poles’ by most locals. This is the best place to spend the quality time with family without any distress.

3. Neptune Beach

Neptune beach Jacksonville, Florida is a little coastal area that is based in the northeast edge of the state. The beach is frequented by lots of people to witness the attractive sunrise and also or the emotionally appealing setting sun that creates a romantic setting with the pink of the skies. There are a range of unique cafes in addition to restaurants along the beach, whose delicacies fragrance could be perceived from a distance.

4. American Beach

American Beach harbours historicity as well as it is all in this beach near Jacksonville. A time came when an African American( s) was banned from swimming as well taking walks in these beaches and therefore, set apart black areas were established for the community. The beach ended up being very prominent later on through Abraham Lincoln Lewis, Florida’s very first black millionaire and also he was additionally the President of the Afro-American Life Insurance company.

5. Peter’s Point Beachfront Park

The beach is filled with sand (unlike every other beach, though they have sand too) and offers that perfect view of the sea. The park enlists a range of fun activities like horse riding on a sandy beach and much more exciting activities that attract visitors as well as makes this place quite irresistible.

6. Atlantic Beach

A very Spectacular beach in the Northeast of Florida, the place is quite prominent due to its history as well as beauty. A great deal of historians have thought that this is a spot of one of the very first civilizations in the area. The beach offers a series of restaurants, as well as golf courses and also even several other tourist attractions that help the vacationers have a remarkable time here. The beach is best for surfing which is why a lot of surfers storm the place, summer period is the greatest of times.

7. Fort Clinch State Park

The beach is of great beautiful with a historical fort that better reinforces the charm of this place. The beach remains peaceful and also cool throughout the day, making it a perfect and enjoyable community beach in Jacksonville, Florida to spend quality time and also unwind with your family and friends. The park offers a lot of facilities like nature trails, showers as well as washrooms. The beach’s added advantage is that it allows activities like fishing as well as swimming.

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